Retainer Contract

What is a Retainer Contract?

Retainer Contract help us enable us to put together a blanket contract, that assures a long term relation. You have our commitment to provide you services at a short notice, and of a distinct quality. It is a very flexible arrangement and yet provides you a certainty of service - when you want it, and wherever you need it.


How does it benefit to both of us?

The retainer contract is a guarantee for you to get a high-quality service, and on demand. You have a qualified vendor, certain services covered in the contract and at a lower cost. For Winstep, this means an assured business from you. This allows us to plan and dedicate our resources for you, provide better rates and higher service levels.


How does it work?

Below are some of the features of retainer contract:

* Winsept enters into a blanket contract with you for a certain period (e.g. 1 year or 3 years)

* We will provide certain assured services to you without any additional cost (based on number of man-hours)

* Flexibility to use alternative services based on your changing business needs

* Availability of resources at a short-notice

* Facility to carry-forward the services to the next year

* Scalability of contract to help you increase or decrease the volume

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