About Us



We launched our business in late 2001 in the name of Indian Market Research & Software Services (IMRSS), with an objective of providing marketing research, data processing / analysis and language services. IMRSS executed extensive research projects in various parts of the country, including metro cities as well as the most rural parts of India. We worked in almost each sector starting from daily consumables to liquors, and from telecom to automobiles. IMRSS worked through many reputed marketing agencies, as well as catered the direct clients. Our work is the compelling reason for our clients to trust us, and offer us repeat business.


After catering to a diverse range of clients for over 9 years, IMRSS transformed into a full-fledged professional marketing bureau – WINSTEP. Today, Winstep provides complete solutions in Marketing Research, Brand Promotion, Strategic Consulting and Advertising. Visit our services page for more details about offerings & capabilities.

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